Newbie seeking advice

Newbie seeking advice

przez Braxton » 12 maja 2018 15:10


We are considering the TI or the Oasis. We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I have seen the great thread and pictures by Bluehen. Our problem is that we will be towing an Airstream trailer, so we must car-top, but we have minimal rear clearance. We are considering adding a front receiver and a Thule goalpost on the front of the vehicle. That way, the TI will be shifted forward away from the Airstream.
Although a truck would be great, we do not intend to change vehicles for five years. Are we being crazy to do these modifications to our Jeep for the TI when we could easily put the Oasis up there? What do you all think? Should we buy an Oasis now and in 5 years time, when we get a truck, sell it and buy a TI? Or, is that just wasting money?

Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

I didn't find right solution on the internet.

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